Topic: Create a Facebook Page


    1: Creating an Account
    2: Setting Up a Page*
    3: Understanding Your Page Vs Account
    4: Helpful Links

Words used in this guide:
Account – a Facebook personal account.
Page – an account that's purpose is for business, but is tied to a personal account's log in info.
Wall – an account's personal homepage/blog where anything the account has posted is shown (both an Account and a Page has one).
Feed – an Account's page that shows what their “Friends” and “Likes” recent posting activities.

* A quick explanation of an about Accounts and Pages. An Account is for your personal use, where you can talk to friends and relatives. A Page is for public/business use. The advantage of having a Page is that you can post about business related things on the Page without spamming your friends/family about your work (ex. New house listing!, Open house!, etc.). The best way to think of a Page is that it is another, separate Account (which just so happens to be operated by you). With it's own posts, history, “Likes” (instead of “friends”), and Wall. This way you can keep business and private life separate.

The Account that created the Page is the Manager of that Page. You must have a Facebook account to create a Page.


If you already have a Facebook account, you can skip this section.

1. Go to . Near the right hand side of the screen is the sign up form. Fill it out. Be sure to remember or write down your password and email address that you used as you will be using that as your log in info. To continue click the green “Sign Up” button below the form.

2. The next screen will prompt you to add an email. If you choose to add an email account it pull your contact emails from it and search Facebook for people who used that email to sign up. Unless you only have friends and family in your contacts, I would recommend you skip this step by clicking “Skip this step.” Click “Skip” again when the window pops up.

3. For Step 2 “Fill Out Info,” fill in the information and click “Save and Continue.” For Step 3, either choose what you're interested in (this will make you “Like” each of those interest's Page) or click Skip near “Save and Continue.” Upload a profile picture for Step 4 and click “Save and Continue.” Note: I would recommend you use a non-professional photo for your personal account profile, as you will need to upload a photo to your Page and this will make it less confusing later on if both photos are not the same.

4. Now check the email you used to sign up with Facebook. You should have an email from Facebook called “Just one more step to get started with Facebook.” Click the “Confirm email” button and it will have you log back into your account, go ahead and log back in.


1. Log into your Facebook account. You can either go to or type in “Create page” in the search bar at the top and click on the “page” that has the Facebook icon with the word “Facebook” underneath it.

2. On the next screen, click the box that has “Local Business or Place” in the top left. In the top field, scroll down and select Real Estate. Fill out the rest of the information, then click “Get Started.” Note: in the “Business or Place Name” field, whatever you put will be the name of the Page!

3. On the next screen, for the Category field type in “Real Estate Agent” and/or any other field that you want. For the Description field add whatever you would like. For the website field add any website you would like, I would suggest you also link your Youtube channel here as well. For the Yes/No question, click Yes. This will cause another Yes/No question to appear and click Yes as well. Then click Save Info.

4. For “Profile Picture,” upload a picture that you want (preferably different then your Account picture). For “Add to Favorites” click the green “Add to Favorites” button. This will add your Page as a shortcut in your Account's side bar. For “Reach More People” click “Skip.” To see about payment options and what it does, see the Helpful Links section.

5. You will then be taken to your Page with Manager view. One big thing to note about the Manager view: At the top of the page, it tells you which account you are currently using, either your “Page <name>” or your personal account. You can switch between each by clicking the “Change to...” link.

6. To link your Page to others copy the URL address at the top of the browser (you can leave the https:// part off).


1. Below the Manager's view is the Page's Wall. First to understand the difference between posting as an Account or a Page. If you post to your Page's Wall while using the Page account it will show up in the Feed of whoever has “Liked” the Page. If someone OR your own personal account posts on the Page's Wall, it will NOT show up in the “Liked” Feed. This is to prevent the “like”er's from seeing anything other than the Page's posts. Below is an example of a Page's Wall. Note that the Page's profile picture is penguins and the Manager's personal account's picture is a kola bear. The Page's posts are on the left, while anyone else who posts to the Page Wall are on the right. Each type of post, either by the Page (to the all the “Likes”) or from an account to the Page, will allow for comment discussions on each post to occur. Notice under “Recent Posts by Others” on the right, the post by the personal account also has a (1) comment. You can click on the post to view the comment discussion.

2.  To return to your personal Account's “feed,” click the “Home” button in the top right corner of the screen. Things to note:
- Since the Account has “Liked” the Page it receives the Page's post in it's feed.
- The personal feed did NOT receive any notice about anyone posting on the Page's wall in the personal account's feed.
- The personal Account posted BEFORE the Page's post, but as seen in the previous picture, the Page did NOT automatically post or receive the personal post to the Page's Wall.

3. Now in the left hand column, if not already under Favorites, put your cursor over the Page name and then click on the pencil icon that appears to the left of it. Then click “Add to Favorites”. It should then be moved up under your Favorites column. This will make it easy to be able to go back to your Page.


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