Topic: Upload 37+ photos and have them set to other sites

Currently, NTREIS only allows 36 photos to be uploaded into their system.  We automatically get those photos from NTREIS and put them on our site as well as feed them out to other sites like,,,, and

We have created a method to allow you to have more than 36 photos on all of those sites, with one, easy place to upload them.  The number of photos on your listings greatly improves the number of "views" which leads to more buyers. even sorts by number of photos, so by having more photos, you will have better chances of your listing showing up first.

*** You only need to do this for photos not in NTREIS!  ***

How to upload Photos

1.  Go to  and log in with a+license number (ex: a0123456) and your password/copy code.

2.  Click on "My Listings" on the left menu.

3.  Click on the "Search" button to bring up your active listings

4.  Click on the "Add/Edit Extra Photos" link

5.  Review any existing extra (37+) photos and click the "Delete" link underneath them if you want to remove them.

6.  Type a description in the blank ("Nice Backyard", "4th Bedroom", etc) and then click the Choose File/Browse button

7.  Locate on your computer where you saved the photo (My Documents, Desktop, My Pictures, etc), select the picture and click OK/Open

8.  Repeat this process for up to 10 photos, then click "Upload"

9.  If you have more photos to add, repeat the process again, adding 10 photos each time.

Please be sure to upload high quality/high resolution photos.  Our system will automatically resize them to the required file sizes/dimensions.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact me.