Topic: How to change BidSelect Status

We have partnered with BidSelect to offer a new product, Offer Management System (OMS) by BidSelect.  With this new service, your listings will be featured on and a "Click to Submit Offer" button will show up on for agents to submit an offer on your listings.

If your listing already has an online bidding service that might conflict with the new system (Equator, Freddie Mac, etc.) or there are other reasons you do not want your listing on BidSelect or to have the "Click to Submit Offer" button, you can turn it off by doing the following:

Go to

and log in.

Click on "My Listings" on the left menu:

Click on "Search" to bring up your active listings:

Click on "BidSelect Link/Settings" in the "Media" column of the listing you want to change.

There will be a check box that says "Put "Click to Submit Offer" button on listing page and send listing to BidSelect Offer Managment System"

If it is checked, the listing will be sent to BidSelect to be featured on and will have a "Click to Submit Offer" button on the website. 

Check or uncheck the box as desired, then click "Submit"

The "Click to Submit Offer" button will be added/removed immediately from the site.  It can take 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect on

By default, all properties are checked (allow on BidSelect and have "Click to Submit Offer" button), with the exception of known HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Chase properties.  By known, I mean properties that have their listing information turned into Katy and Cindy and were marked as HUD, Fannie, Freddie, or Chase on the listing packet.  If they have been automatically excluded, the checkbox should not be checked on the "BidSelect Link/Settings" page.