Topic: Email on iPhone and iPad

This is a guide to help you add your C21Bowman email to your Apple iPhone or iPad device.


Go to your device's Settings and click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Tap Add Account

Choose Other

Add Mail Account

Fill in your information. Name, your email, password, and set the Description to C21Bowman and then tap Next.

Make sure IMAP is selected. Set both Incoming and Outgoing mail server to Change your username to the correct username.  It should either be your first inital + last name (jgarrett) or a + license number ('a0123456').  If you are unsure, you can test by trying to log into our webmail.  The username will be the same. Once entered, click Next.


If it pops up asking for Verification click "Continue."

On the next screen, turn Notes off and then click Save.

Now you'll need to go back to your Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen to make one last change. Once there tap on your C21Bowman email account.

Tap on your Account again.

Tap on under "Outgoing Mail Server"

Tap on again under "Primary Server"

Change the Server Port to 2525 then tap Done.

And you're done!