Topic: Resizing Photos

Attached to this post is a tool to make it quick and easy to resize photos. 

Remember you can always shrink photos, but if you try to make them bigger, you will lose quality and the picture will become grainy.


There are two versions, a 32-bit and a 64-bit depending on your version of Windows.  If you have Windows XP, you will likely need the 32-bit.   If you have Vista or Windows 7 it could be either. 
If you are not sure, click here for instructions on how to figure out which you have.

Click here to download the 32-bit Image Resizer program.

Click here to download the 64-bit Image Resizer program.

Save it to your desktop or My Documents, then double click it to install once it is done downloading.

All the default options during the install are fine, so just keep clicking next until it is installed.

Using the program

To use the program, go to the folder with your pictures in it.  Select the picture or pictures you want to resize (to select multiple pictures, hold the CTRL key, or click and "drag a box" around them).

Right click the selected picture(s) and then left click "Resize Pictures"

Choose "Large" then click OK.

It will then resize the pictures.  If your pictures are high resolution, or there are a lot of them, it can take a few minutes.

Once it is done, you will see in your folder copies of each image with the word (Large) at the end of the filename.  These are your resized copies.  The original is left as is.

The resized copies will upload to websites like NTREIS and eProperties much more quickly and easily than high resolution originals.

You should keep the high resolution originals, however, because you will want to use them if you ever need to print them out (for flyers, etc.)