Topic: How to Volunteer to Sit an Open House

If you are wanting to sit an open house, log into In the left hand column, click "Open House Map." A gold colored house means the open house already has someone scheduled to sit it. A beige/white color house means that it is available for you to volunteer for. To volunteer to sit an available house, click on the desired house, then click on "This appointment is open, click here to volunteer."

You will then be directed to a page containing more information about the open house. Upon reviewing the information, if you would like to schedule yourself to sit the open house, just click on the link at the bottom of the page that says "If you are available to sit this open house and wish to volunteer, click here to confirm your signup." After you click that link, your request will be sent to the list agent and the houses color will change from white to purple (pending). Once confirmed by the list agent (gold house), open houses feed to Zillow, Century21, etc. but usually takes 24-48 hours to do so. That means that if you try and schedule an open house at the last minute it may not make it to the other sites.