Topic: How to Create an Open House

To create an open house, log into, then in the left hand column click "Open House Map." You can either click on the "New Open House" button that appears under "Open House Map" or click on the "Click Here to Enter a New Open House" button below the map. For "Listing Address" either type in the MLS number or the houses address. A list of possible properties should start to populate as you type out the address, once you see the correct property, click on that property. Fill the rest of the information out. The last thing to make sure to before submitting your open house is checking, or unchecking, the box next to " Yes, I need another agent to sit this open house." If you already have someone volunteering to sit the open house, you would want to uncheck the box.

If you are wanting to set up multiple open houses for the same property, you will need to do the above for each different date/time.

If at anytime you need to remove an open house you've created, click "Delete Open House" under "Open House Map" on the left. Next find the open house you are looking for and then click the "Click to Delete" option next to the time.

If you accidentally entered the wrong information or you wish to change the time of the open house, you will first need to delete the old open house and re-create it using the steps above.