Topic: Setup Seller to View Feedback

To setup seller access to view their feedback and showings, do the following:

Go to and log in with your username and password (usually a + license number and copy code)

Click on "My Listings" on the left side menu.

Click Search on the box on the right to pull up your active listings.

Click the View Owner button on the listing you want to setup.  If you don't see a View Owner button, but instead see No Owner Found, please contact the MLS department, Dianne Vanderweel, or Preston to have them connect the owner to the listing before proceeding.

After click the View Owner button, check to make sure the seller's email address is correct.  If it is not correct, fix it and click save.  It is best to enter their email address as all lowercase letters, since this will become their username and will be case sensitive.

After verifying the email address, click the Create Login button.  You can then add an additional message if you want and choose if the seller can view all showings and feedback.  If all showings and feedback is checked, the seller will have instant access to new appointments and feedback.  If unchecked, you must manually approve each showing and feedback entry before the seller can see it.

Click the Verify Email button to continue.  Review the email and click Send Email.  This will send an email to the seller with a link to create a password so that they can log in to view their feedback and showings.