Topic: Setup Email Access with Thunderbird Free Email Program

Thunderbird is a free email program that is much better than our website email.  If you own your own computer, I would highly recommend installing and using Thunderbird.  You will still be able to use the website email on other computers if needed.

Go to

Click the Green "Thunderbird Free Download" button

Save the file to your computer (your desktop or my documents or somewhere you can find)

Once downloaded, double click it to install it, the default options should be fine.

Once done, it should load Thunderbird.

If asked, pick "Don't import anything" and click next.

In the "Mail account Setup box, fill out the blanks like it asks and click continue.

It will try to auto-detect the settings.  A "Manual Config" button should show up, click that.

For the incoming line, make sure you have the following:

In the first dropdown:  IMAP

Server hostname:

Port:  143


Authentication:  Normal Password

For the Outgoing line, set the following:

Server hostname:

Port:  2525  (you have to click in the drop down and type it in)


Authentication:  Normal Password.

For username, enter your username.  This is usually a + license number (a0123456) or first initial + last name (phagar)

Click "Re-test"

It should verify the settings.

Click Create Account

If a Warning box pops up, check the "I understand the risks" box and click Create Account

It should load all of your folders and emails.

To import your Address Book from the c21bowman webmail, do the following:

Log into the webmail (like you have been doing) and go to Address Book.

Click on the Folder with the down arrow on it.

Save the file somewhere you can find. (it will probably call it rcube_contacts.vcf, this is fine)

Once saved, in Thunderbird, go to Tools->Import

Select "Address Books" and click Next

Select vCard File (.vcf) and click Next

Find the file you downloaded and click Open

Click Finish

To add a nice calendar to Thunderbird, Go to Tools->Add-Ons.

In the upper right where it says "Search all add-ons" type "lightning" and press enter

Click the Install button next to Lighting 1.1 (the version may be higher depending on when you install it).

Install the "Provider for Google Calendar" as well if you use Google Calendars and want them to sync.