Topic: Email on Android

To setup your email on an Android device (phone or tablet), I highly recommend K-9 Mail, a free email app for Android.  To install it, go to the Google Play store on your phone, search for K9 and then install K-9 Mail.

Once installed, here is how to add an account:

If this is your first account, it should ask you to enter your email address and password.  If not, tap the menu button and then tap Add Account.

Enter your email address and password, then tap the "Manual Setup" button:

On the "What type of account is this?" screen, choose IMAP:

Change your username to the correct username.  It should either be your first inital + last name (jgarrett) or a + license number ('a0123456').  If you are unsure, you can test by trying to log into our webmail.  The username will be the same.

Make sure that IMAP server is set to ""

Change Security to "STARTTLS (always)"

Authentication should be set to "Normal", for older version of the app set it to "Plain."

Port should be set to 143

Leave all the other settings the same and tap Next:

For Outgoing Server Settings, make sure SMTP server is set to ""

Change Security to "STARTTLS (always)"

Set Port to "2525"

Make sure "Require sign-in" is checked and that your username and password are entered correctly and tap Next:

For Account Options, the defaults are fine.  If you have a decent sized screen on your phone, you might want to change Number of Messages to display to 50, but that is optional.

On the "Almost Done!" screen, enter an account name (I would suggest C21Bowman) and make sure your name is entered in the second blank how you want it on your emails, then tap Done