Topic: How to connect a seller to a listing

If you want to be able to setup a login for your seller, or send then automatic feedback emails, you need to be sure that their contact record is linked to their listing record in iBroker.

The easiest way to check this is to log into:

Then click on

Click to bring up your active listings

For each listing in the "Owner" column, you will either see or the message "No Owner Found".   If you see the button, you can click it to go straight to the contact record and setup a seller login account by following the instructions here: Setup Seller to View Feedback

If you see "No Owner Found", you will need to connect your contact to your listing. 

  • First, copy or write down the MLS number for the listing you want to connect.

  • Click on on the left menu

  • Type in a few letters of the sellers last name (for example, if I was the seller, you might enter hag for Hagar) and click

  • If your seller comes up from the search, click on, otherwise click on again and then

  • If you are creating a new contact, fill out the general info page and click save.  If you are editing an existing contact, skip to the next step

  • Click on the "Seller" tab

  • Enter/Paste the MLS number for the listing into the "Add Listing Enter MLS Number:" blank and click

  • You should now see the listing  in the "Seller Listing" row

From here, you can either create a seller login or change the "Send Showing Report" drop down to setup an automatic showing report  to go out to your seller on the schedule they choose.