Topic: How to setup your seller for automatic showing reports

First, log into:

Click on and click search to bring up your active listings.

Click on

**Note: If you see "No Owner Found", go to the How to connect a seller to a listing instructions and follow them to connect your seller to your listing.

Double check your seller's email address.  Correct or enter it if needed and click save.

Click on the "Seller" tab to go to the seller page.

Make sure the active listing with correct mls number is listed under "Seller Listing(s)" (if not, use the how to linked above to add the listing).

Choose the schedule for your seller from the "Send Showing Report" drop down.

Never will not send reports to your seller (the default for everyone).

Daily will send daily (only really recommended for high traffic listings, or owners/investors with multiple listings).

Weekly will send each Monday for the week before.

Bi-Weekly will send every other Monday for the two weeks before.

Monthly will send on the 1st of each month for the previous month.

After you make your choice, be sure to click "Save".  Depending on the day you change the setting and the schedule you choose, it will take until the next scheduled time for them to receive a report (for example, if you pick weekly on a Thursday, the first email won't go out until the next Monday).